Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook are some of Microsoft's most popular applications. According to The Information, Microsoft has already incorporated an unknown version of OpenAI's text-generating GPT model into Word, and has been working on integrating it further into Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

According to reports, Microsoft has been using Openai's GPT technology to improve Outlook search results so users can find what they're looking for without having to search. Microsoft is said to have looked at how the models could suggest changes to Word documents. It is not known if Microsoft will launch these features or if they are just experimentation.

Outlook could be used to compose emails based on simple queries if Microsoft builds in more of the features that are present in the chatGPT platform. Imagine writing an email to your colleagues explaining you're unwell, based solely on a "write an email to my team explaining I'm out sick" query According to a report, Microsoft is planning to launch a version of Bing that uses chat. The new feature could be available in March to make Bing more competitive.

Building GPT into Office apps is a challenge.

Microsoft will face a lot of challenges in bringing more advanced features to its productivity apps. Accuracy is one of the chief ones. Any type of document creation or advanced integration would be hard because of the incorrect information presented by ChatGPT.

Privacy is one of the biggest hurdles. Microsoft needs to modify its models for individual users. According to The Information, Microsoft has been working on privacy-preserving models. Microsoft researchers have been able to train large language models.

Microsoft could use these models to get information from Teams Meetings transcripts and then add images from Openai's model to PowerPoint presentations. It is not known if and when GPT- or Dall-E 2-powered models will be available in Office products.

Microsoft's productivity apps use a lot of artificial intelligence. Microsoft built an artificial intelligence-powered autocomplete for code two years ago, Word and PowerPoint automatically suggest image and slide deck caption using artificial intelligence, and Microsoft Teams uses artificial intelligence to improve echo, interruption, and acoustics. Microsoft Editor uses artificial intelligence to make your writing better.

The underlying technology behind GPT3 was purchased by Microsoft in 2020. Bing plans to add an artificial intelligence text-to-image model powered by OpenAI in the near future.

At the Consumer Electronics Show last week, Microsoft's Windows and Surface chief said that Artificial Intelligence is going to change the way you do things on Windows. The new Surface smart camera is part of Microsoft's willingness to build new hardware to take advantage of artificial intelligence. In a recent interview, several members of the Surface team discussed the impact of artificial intelligence on hardware.

If Microsoft pushes ahead with GPT powered versions of Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint, it will represent a rapid commercialization of Openai's GPT models. PowerApps is Microsoft's first commercial use case of GPT and is powered by artificial intelligence. It would put a lot of pressure on Google, which dominates search and has been making inroads with its workspace offerings to businesses.