Shankar MishraImage source, ANI
Image caption, Shankar Mishra was arrested over the weekend

A drunk man is accused of urinating on an elderly woman on a flight.

There was an incident on an Air India flight. The woman made a complaint last week.

Massive outrage in India was caused by the news of the incident.

The man was taken into custody.

He was fired from his job at the bank.

The airline should have been quicker in its response according to the statement issued by the chairman of the company.

Every process will be reviewed and repaired to prevent or address unruly nature.

His statement came a day after Air India CEO Campbell Wilson expressed "regret" and "pain" over its customers suffering due to the actions of their co-passengers.

There was an incident in the business class cabin of the New York- Delhi flight. The accused was drunk when he urinated on his co- passenger.

The woman complained to Mr Chandrasekharan that her clothes, shoes and bag were soaked in urine.

The woman said she asked the crew for a change of seat, but was told there was nothing available and she was offered a small seat. She said the crew brought the man to her so he could apologize.

The woman stated that the flight was the most traumatic of her life, and that the airline only gave her a partial refund. Her account was supported by a US doctor named Sugata Bhattacharjee.

On the day of the incident, he wrote a complaint to Air India, but it didn't go anywhere.

An internal committee was formed by Air India to look into the complaint.

The 30-day interim travel ban was one of the factors that caused outrage when it was announced.

The police complaint was filed after the woman's family requested it.

TheDGCA received the report a week later. The officials and crew of the flight were told last week that they didn't comply with the rules for handling unruly passengers. The crew's conduct was not professional.

The pilot and four members of the cabin crew were de-rostered.

Campbell Wilson promised a robust reporting system for unruly behavior.

On Friday, Wells Fargo said it had terminated Mr. Mishra and was cooperating with law enforcement.

Image caption, Mishra was arrested over the weekend

The man was arrested in Bangalore on Saturday and charged with sexual harassment and other crimes. He was taken to a local court in Delhi where he was held for 14 days.

He said in his statement that he had cleaned the bags and clothes of the woman after the incident.

The statement said that the lady's persistence was only with respect to the adequate compensation being paid by the Airline for which she has raised a subsequent complaint on December 20, 2022,

The statements recorded by the cabin crew show that there is no one to testify about the incident.

The statement said that the accused has full faith in the judicial system of the country.