Seattle Public Schools, the largest K-12 system in Washington state with over 49,000 students and 106 schools, has filed a lawsuit against several social media sites.

They are the first school district in the country to take the social media giants to task. The school district hopes that the US District Court in Seattle will uphold the maximum statutory and civil penalties permitted by law when they file the lawsuit.

According to a survey included in the lawsuit, there was a 30% increase in the number of students who stopped doing normal activities for two weeks or more. The mental health crisis is not an accident, according to the suit. The Defendants made deliberate choices to design and market their social media platforms to attract youth.

Following a wave to ban TikTok and other social media platforms for issues concerning privacy, internet addiction, and overall negative effect on mental health, a lawsuit has been filed. The makers of Meta chose to prioritize profit over protection despite knowing that their apps were negatively affecting teenagers. In its lawsuit, Seattle Public Schools made many concerns.

Seattle Public Schools hopes that some form of accountability will be reached and that appropriate resources will be implemented to help students.

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