Cover art for Nintendo's Fire Emblem Engage.

If you watch the show, you are used to the intros being either serious or sentimental. It is running off of good vibes sometimes. This is usually after the show ends. It's a shame that video games don't always have flashy in-game introductions. That kind of cheese is something a game could use more of.

The game's cinematic was released along with the impressions of the strategy-RPG. The song, which sounds like it was made in the 90s and then held in stasis for three decades, is a big part of the intro'sCheesiness. You would think that it would end with an ad for Crunchyroll. The visuals try to hit that same cheese with colorful streaks of light that correspond with the toothpaste-colored protagonists of the game, and footage of their in-game models showing off their special abilities. It's not as strong an opening as Fire Emblem: Three Houses but it's still fun.

Special rings can be used to summon main characters from previous Fire Emblem entries, such as Marth from 1990's Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. It sounds like the hands of the previous heroes lifting up Alear during a key moment, and hopefully the game is able to match that. Games like this tend to be long, so an introduction will hopefully get you in the mood to win the game.

On January 20th, the Nintendo Switch edition of Fire Emblem will be released.

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