suspected thief fleeing Brooklyn crime scene
The duffle bag containing $300,000 was waiting to be taken inside a Chase Bank in Brooklyn for a cash drop.NYPD Crime Stoppers
  • Two men tried to help the truck driver, while another stole the bag.

  • The bag of cash was left on the armored truck's bumper.

  • Police are looking for the three suspects who fled the scene on foot.

A Brinks truck driver was helping two men ask for directions on Friday and before he knew it, a third man snatched $300,000 from the vehicle's bumper and vanished.

The driver was dropping cash off at the bank in Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood. Two of the thieves started talking to the driver of the armored truck after they stole the money from the unattended bag.

The driver was distracted when a third robbery took the bag.

The masked men then ran the scene on foot. As of Sunday afternoon, they were still at large, and police were looking for the public's help in catching them.

An NYPD spokesman said that they distracted him while talking to him. It was a crime of opportunity, that's what I think. Someone saw something that could be used.

The men could face up to 15 years in prison if they're caught.

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