Promo poster for AMC+'s Pantheon.

TV shows getting canceled are not new, but the last two or three years have seen shows get killed off even though they were already locked in for another season. It may have been because of the COVID PAIN. Even though the shows were in the can, they were gutted to cut costs.

According to Deadline, AMC is ending its sci-fi animated series, Pantheon, in 2023. The second season of the show, created by Craig Silverstein, was given a two-season greenlight by the network, but will no longer be airing on AMC+. The cancellation of Pantheon comes days after AMC announced the end of shows such as Damascus and 61st Street, both of which were in production, but unlike 61st Street, it doesn't seem like AMC will shop Pantheon around to another network.

The Hidden Girl and Other Stories was the basis for Pantheon. The series focused on a teenager who gets text messages from someone claiming to be her dead father. At the same time that David told her that his brain was uploaded to preserve his mind, she was caught up in a global conspiracy surrounding the tech company logorythms. The series received good reviews when it first came out in September, but hey, why let a show grow and find an audience when you can just cut it off and put its employees out of work to save money?

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