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The Buffalo Bills were going to play football this weekend, but they were also going to honor Hamlin.

A lot of players, including Josh Allen, carried custom flags that asked people to pray for Damar, which was also his official number. The crowd was very excited because the Bills are at home.

Everyone had the safety in mind when they saw the fan-made posters. Everyone paid homage in different ways.

The team acknowledged and thanked the medical staff that worked on him, who saved his life, before the game.

More magic from Buffalo on the field. After catching the opening kick, he ran all the way down the field, breaking tackles along the way to score a touchdown.

It was a great way to start the game, and the broadcasters described it as a "storybook" type thing. The man seemed to like it.

His condition continues to improve, and he was showing his guy support from his hospital bed, and telling the Bills it was "gametime."

It looks like they heard him, because the Bills are here.