There is an indissoluble link between the security of online casinos and bookmakers and the dedicated apps they promote. There are plenty of gambling operators out there who have developed their proprietary apps and encourage others to download on computers and mobile devices. Most of them can be relied upon, but there are, of course, plenty of dishonest applications that can do more harm than good. Dismissing all the apps as unreliable would be a mistake, so instead the focus is to find the worthy ones.

Download apps from official websites

It makes perfect sense to acquire the mobile betting apps from the official websites of the bookmakers and casinos promoting them. Most of the casino sites that offer such applications are quick to display them on the main page, or in another highly visible place. This means that it’s rather easy to find the apps on the official website and you visit the website here to see for yourself, therefore have no reason to look elsewhere for a download. While browsing the bookmaker’s pages, you can also learn other useful facts about the sportsbook.

On the rare occasions when bookmakers don’t have the apps available on their website, you could find them in one of the big marketplaces. Google and Apple are the obvious choices, as their app stores are places where all the important developers promote their products. It is not customary for bookmakers to only offer mobile betting apps here, as they are more inclined to promote their own websites. In any case, if you end up downloading stuff from the aforesaid marketplaces, you are still in good hands.

Are mobile betting apps worth the effort?

Just because mobile betting apps are safe to download from trustworthy sources, doesn’t automatically mean that they are a must-have. Pretty much all bookmakers will allow punters to bet straight in the browser, without having to download anything. The same goes for gambling operators that run online casinos as well as sportsbooks, as they all promote gambling in browser. Essentially, players have this alternative of circumventing the download, while still enjoying the same gaming services.

There are certain advantages associated to downloading an app, including the exclusive bonuses available to select mobile users. Online casinos and bookmakers alike know that the apps are highly effective at building brand loyalty and keeping players hooked. It is more likely for someone who has downloaded the apps to stick to the bookmaker, so this practice is encouraged. Bonuses are sometimes offered exclusively to those mobile users who have downloaded the apps and launched it to play their games.

The bottom line is that mobile betting apps are safe to download as long as you have a trustworthy source. This can either be the official website of a prestigious bookmaker or one of the app marketplaces powered by Google and Apple. A little bit of research goes a long way, but with minimal precautions players can harness the power of mobile betting apps and reap the benefits of using them.