There is no evidence that the conduct of Musk has affected the sales of his cars.

According to the Financial Times, only two of the company's customers switched to another company last year because of Musk's decisions.

She said the dip was worth noting because of how loyal the customers have been.

Insider has learned that three long-time owners of the company are abandoning their cars over Musk's actions.

Bob Perkowitz, a self-proclaimed former enthusiast, said he hasn't bought a new car because of Musk's right-wing views and his emphasis on free speech, which he fears will allow misinformation to spread.

In the last few months, investors in the company have been voting. One investor questioned whether Musk was deliberately tanking the carmaker after the stock was trading at its lowest level in over a year.

It is not all down to the internet. One of its largest markets, China, fell victim to a broader slump in demand for electric vehicles. The company offered discounts at the end of the year.

The net worth of Musk fell by $200 billion in just four years.

The three companies did not reply to requests for comment.