The Model S and X are now available with a round steering wheel instead of being limited to a "yoke" option.

The online vehicle configuration tool was quietly added byTesla.

The yoke, a racecar-style contraption, would replace a standard steering wheel.

He said that another wheel is boring and blocks the screen. It looks better with a yoke than it does with full self- driving.

The screens on the dashboard came at the cost of the driving experience.


Consumer Reports argued that it showed little benefit and was potentially dangerous when it came to the latest innovation fromTesla.

The yoke's touch buttons, which include controls for the turn signals, don't work most of the time, according to a recent long-term review of his Model S Plaid.

The image doesn't show any control stalks, so it's likely that those touch buttons will be on the steering wheel.

The steering yoke is said to be starting to break after 12,000 miles of use.

All Input Is Error

Many customers don't like the fact thatTesla gets rid of almost all buttons and dials.

That is part of the plan.

He argued that as the systems learn to ignore accidental button presses, you will need to press less and less.

Some of the customers who are spending upwards of $100,000 for a Model S may not find that logic appealing.

The steering wheel on the Model S/X was broken byTesla.

The steering yokes are already falling apart.