Morgan Wallen poured a drink down a woman's blouse at a bar after she tried to pull him away from his friends.

The country singer was out in Nashville Friday night hanging out on the famous downtown Broadway strip. A lot of people whipped out their cameras after seeing him.

In the first clip, taken by a user named reillyvicendese, you see Morgan coming over to take pictures with other bar patrons and having a good time.

The first clip shows him acting out. It seems like there's tension between him and this woman, as she tries to get him away from a group of guys he's talking with.

He pulled his hand away when she grabbed it.

The woman ignores that and returns to her girlfriend. Morgan creeps up behind her and drops a full cup of liquid right down the front of her shirt, leaving her shocked. She pushed him back a bit.

He realized she wasn't happy with the rude gesture and retreated to the corner of the booth. It's not clear what happened in this interaction.

While the full context of his relationship with this woman is missing, we have to say that this looks bad. She didn't seem to want that to happen.

We reached out to his camp, but no reply.