The appearance of the Walrus in British waters was encouraging. After his arrival in Hampshire, thousands of people lined up to greet him.

The local council canceled New Year's Eve celebrations so they wouldn't frighten THOR, who masturbated. After moving on to Blyth, he headed back to the north.

The public is positive about Walruses coming to Britain. The fact that so many people are gathered to see a movie is good news for wildlife.

Climate change, caused by rising fossil fuel emissions, was the reason for his visit, according to most experts. According to Molly Gray, of British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDLMR), it's not normal to see walruses down here.

Everyone doesn't share this interpretation. In the Times, it was flatly rejected. He insisted that everything is okay in the north. Far from being a threatened species, sea ice levels are not badly affected and the number of polar bears is rising. He wanted to know why the good news about the environment wasn't reported.

Needless to say, there is a lot of disagreement. Since 1952 when Norway made it illegal to hunt them, the number of walruses has slowly recovered. Bob Ward is the policy director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change. The walrus was listed as vulnerable on the red list.

Data shows a 700,000 sq kilometres reduction in the sea ice over the course of two decades.

There has been a shift in the climate wars. Deniers can't say that the world is not heating up. Clearly, it is. They argue that there is some warming but it is not having an impact. The world is doing well.

The claim is false. All of the inhabitants of the planet are in danger, according to David Attenborough. The lives of walruses are changing. All are suffering due to climate change.

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