The new car brands give the traditional automakers a run for their money as we move towards electric vehicles. VinFast is a company from Vietnam that delivered its first cars in the US in November. The company is going to release more cars over the next year, and we learned more about what those cars will offer at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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VinFast may not be well known in the U.S., but it is one of the largest automotive companies in Vietnam. It doesn't have the experience in manufacturing on the scale that it's hoping to in the U.S., but it does have the experience in shipping cars. The VinFast VF8 and VF9 SUVs were announced earlier but little was known about the smaller VF6 and VF7 models. They are similar to their larger siblings.

VinFast VF6

A VinFast VF6 on display.
Christian de Looper / Digital Trends

The VinFast VF6 is the company's new entry level model. There are two versions of it, the VF6 Eco and the VF6 Plus. Even though the Eco model has a longer range, it maxes out at just over 200 miles. The Plus model has up to 241 miles of range.

VinFast's other cars are built with smart features. Level 2 highway assist features are included in the cars. These are features that electric cars will have in the future, but it is nice to see them here.

The VinFast VF6 has an in-car system that looks a lot like that of the electric car maker. It supports both CarPlay andAndroid Auto.

The VinFast VF6 isn't the sleekest-looking car out there, but it's not ugly, and it's expected to be relatively inexpensive. We don't know how much it's going to cost The VF6 will be available for orders in the US in March. By the end of the year, deliveries are anticipated.

VinFast VF7

A VinFast VF7 on a showroom floor.
Christian de Looper / Digital Trends

The VinFast VF7 is not as large as the VF9. The VF7 Eco and VF7 Plus are both VF7 models. The Eco model can deliver a maximum range of over 260 miles, while the Plus model can deliver over 200 miles.

The VF6 is the only one that has all-wheel drive. The VF6 has the same features as the VF6, including smart driver-assist features.

The VinFast VF7 isn't as modern-looking as some EV's, but it still has a stylish design. It should be more appealing to U.S. customers. The VF7 will be open for orders in March and will be delivered by the end of the year, though we don't know how much it will cost.

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