There are currently or future lunar missions planned from the US, Russia, Japan, and India. South Korea was the first country to launch a lunar mission. A couple of stunning images of Earth as seen from the moon were sent back by the KPLO.

The images were taken using a high-resolution camera and were shared by the KARI. The mission of the Danuri is to survey the moon for resources.

Photo taken on December 24 at 344 km above the moon
Photo taken on December 24 at 344 km above the moon. Korea Aerospace Research Institute

The images were taken on December 24 and December 28 when the craft was at a distance from the moon. The marble of the Earth rising over the horizon is taken using theLUTI instrument which will be used to scout out suitable locations for future missions to land on the moon. The instrument can take images of the moon's surface with a spatial resolution of around 5 meters and it is scouting on behalf of a planned robotic lunar landers mission from South Korea.

The Danuri craft will carry out full-scale science and technology missions from February. It will be using its six science instruments, including cameras, a magnetometer, a spectrometer, and a mapping tool provided by NASA, to map out the locations of water ice.

A new communications technology will be tested in a fun way by the spaceship. The Delay-Tolerant Networking experiment is trying to create a communication system for lunar landers which can handle drops in internet service, and it is testing this out by playing a song from South Korea.

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