It is one of the most ludicrously over-engineering products we have seen in a long time. We looked at talked with the team behind the product to find out more.

Why do we need a portableblender in the first place?

We invented this because we wanted to make a smoothie after the gym. I wanted a shake after I got done at the gym. Dakota Adams, co-founder at the company, said that after working out for an hour or two, his shake melted and became squishy. The idea of putting a blender on the bottles came up. We started working on how to pack that technology into a small cap.

They were building a battery factory for Apple in China while working on the blender. The duo quit their jobs at Apple to work on the project. They created a monster of a blender.

The BlendCap kit shows off its PCB and batteries. The image is copyrighted by Haje Kamps.

I found you can make a smoothie. We did a whole bag of ice on a single charge. Adams says you can make 10 of them in a row. We filled a five-gallon bucket of home depot drinks. Instead of charging it on a daily basis, you charge it once a week or two weeks.

The company's strength is battery tech, and the founders ended up using custom batteries with technology that is starting to show up in next- generation electric vehicles.

There is only one button and the cap weighs around a pound. Double click to blend for 25 seconds. The company decided to use the same thread pattern that Hydroflask uses, which means it is compatible with a lot of bottles that people already own.

It comes with a 32-ounce vacuum-insulated bottle and is dishwasher safe. Matthew Moore, the company's other co- founder, says that it comes with a dual-twist cap and a blade cover. You can purchase it for $129.

The company is trying to keep the number of products manageable so it is not possible to buy the cap on its own.

The magic sauce is in this location. Electricity is what magic sauce is. The image is credited to TechCruch and Hajekamps.

We are likely to offer it on its own, or with different size bottles, using more of a kitting methodology. Moore says that they are only selling the one kit right now because they want to limit the number of kits. Most people wanted a single 32 ounce bottle.

Pre-orders for the kit began on January 4. The company has to figure out how to get its products here.

Their own factory

Cruz has a factory that builds the blender cap.

We own all the equipment and the robots that build this, and we lease factory space at a high-end manufacturer in China. Adams says that they designed the entire assembly line and have more robots than people. I think it is crazy. Automatic screw dispensers are one of the things that there are. It's pretty. That was a bitambitious. We are very happy to have our own factory building.

The company is ramping up manufacturing in order to sustain it's business.

Everything is made to order. Why don't you? Haje Kamps is the author of the image credit.

The company claims it will be profitable from the beginning, and has begun to look at what the next generation of products might be. The company isn't willing to let us know what's next

Adams says they have a secret product. The battery tech can go into many different devices, and we have a whole product roadmap, and are excited to build out an ecosystems around what we have here. Over the last 10 years, there has been a lot of plastic enclosures and junk in the market. For the past 10 years, we've put our heart and soul into products at Apple. We have a bunch of products coming along with the same philosophy. We will see where it ends up.

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