I met Disney's new voice assistant at the Consumer Electronics Show. The voice is made of fairy dust and lives inside of Amazon's smart speakers and displays. To help you out with common voice assistant chores (timers, alarms, weather), as well as entertain with stories, games, and other sprinkles of Disney magic, it's purpose is to call up various characters.

Here is a demo I did at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

One neat thing about the integration is that you never know which character will answer your question, even if it's a character from a movie.

Third parties can create custom voice assistants that can coexist with Amazon's voice assistant in Echo speakers, which is what the "Hey Disney!" is about. Similar to the celebrity voices you can download from the likes of Samuel Jackson, but with more tailored games and integrations.

At Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, "Hey Disney!" is in limited hotel rooms and helps as a sort of virtual concierge. The magical companion will be coming to your home in the year 2023. It will be included without cost with an Amazon Kids Plus subscription.