Poster for Netflix's 2022 film The Sea Beast.

The streamer released a number of good animated features and shows last year, including the most high-profile animated movie of the year. One of the best animated films of the year was The Sea Beast, which tells the story of sailors hunting down giant underwater creatures. We're getting another one.

Chris Williams, the director and co- writer of the film, has signed a deal with the streaming service. Jacob Holland and his adoptive daughter are expected to return in the sequel.

I didn't think about the second movie. Williams said that they weren't planning for a series and that they had been nice to him. He offered up the idea of a sequel that would show Jacob and his family adjusting to being a family. Jacob is a parent to an especially willful child. The idea of the challenges of this new family caught my attention.

The film is an original fantasy film. It was said that the film would have a huge world with multiple events going on outside the story being told, while still feeling as complete as The Sea Beast. Williams said that he wanted to have fun with some of the conventions, but he didn't want to make fun of them.

One of the two projects being developed by Williams will be directed by Owen Sullivan. Williams will be able tout both movies on his resume if things go his way. The goal is for them to be both.

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