The news coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show this week is likely to interest you in virtual reality. There was a lot of new glasses and headsets. There was a company that did not announce it at the show.

There were more leaks about Apple's headset. There are a lot of new details about the most eagerly anticipated Wearable in years. There are a lot of features coming to the ski-goggle-shaped device. Some of them, like foveated rendering and pass-through views, are found in competing headsets. Apple wants its headset to be lighter and more maneuverable than the other two competitors.

The 8K visuals (4K for each eyeball) are adjusted by internal sensors. It seems that some of the features aim to make the experience of wearing a headset less isolating than it would be if you were alone. A display on the outside of the device can be seen using cameras inside. An Apple Watch–esque dial on the side allows you to switch between virtual and real world views in a matter of seconds. Apple might be able to capture leg movements, much to Meta's annoyance.

Some limitations were exposed by the leaked information. According to a report, the headphones won't sync well with the buds. If you don't have a headphones jack, you'll either need the AirPods or one of the headsets' bands with speakers. Production of the device has been delayed several times. The device could be announced later this year.

There are other consumer tech news.

According to reports, Apple has canceled the iPhone SE.

Apple might not be releasing a new phone, according to an analyst. Citing supply chain issues and lower sales of the midrange phone compared to iPhone Pro models, Apple may choose to delay or not release a new iPhone SE this year, according to a new report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The budget model has been hampered by Apple's marketing of its flagship devices. People prefer bigger phones, that's either that or It seems that Apple has moved on from smaller options since it dropped the iPhone Mini.

What is the location of Y'at on the maps?

Did you know that you can use the maps while you drive? This is a core feature of the gps app and now the company is introducing something a little different for certain vehicles Car companies are able to use HD Maps in their navigation software. It is a kind of bedrock system that underpins the car's tech. Volvo and Polestar will be using the HD Map system.

We are currently living at the Consumer Electronics Show.

It is impossible to keep writing this news story without attending the Consumer Electronics Show. WIRED was at the giant consumer tech event in person for the first time since 2020 and our reporters were able to go hands on with all the weird and wacky tech on display.

The heart of the Consumer Electronics Show is where this week's Gadget Lab came from. We gathered late at night in a Las Vegas hotel room to highlight what stood out at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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