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A woman from the U.K. was found guilty of making a false accusation.

In a Facebook post in May 2020, Eleanor Williams claimed she had been groomed, beaten and forced to work as a sex slave.

Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League, went to Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria to investigate her claims after she posted a photo of herself.

Williams had previously accused several men of rape, including 22-year-old Jordan Trengove, who was wrongly imprisoned.

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Williams was found guilty of eight counts of acts tending and intended to obstruct justice.

According to prosecutors, the photos of the injuries that Williams had posted on social media were self- inflicted with a hammer that police had recovered from her home.

Williams was accused of sending messages to herself that looked like they came from traffickers. She would try to get people to send her messages so she could claim to be from her abusers.

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The prosecutor told the jury that the woman went online to find random names on the internet that she presented as being victims of traffickers.

Williams pleaded guilty to one count of perverting the course of justice because she asked her mother and sister to bring the hammer to her lawyer.

Williams is going to be sentenced.

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The night out with Williams changed the course of his life.

Williams was drugged and raped by Trengove. He spent his birthday in jail.

He had his name linked to the case by Facebook users, even though he wasn't named in the accusations. There was a protest in the town where Trengove lives with banners that read "Justice for Eleanor"

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The Guardian quoted Trengove as saying that he went downhill. I attempted to kill myself over it. I attempted to run away from it all. I walked away from my family after trying to end my relationship. There are so many problems put on my life by a single post on Facebook. It's even harder because I'm a person with an intellectual disability. Because of it all, I was diagnosed with complexPTSD.

He said he felt like he was trapped in his own small prison. I don't think I have a life anymore.

The jury found Williams guilty on Tuesday, and Trengove was in court to witness the verdict.

The man said he was over the moon. My life is back.

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