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It has established itself as one of the biggest gaming outfits in the world, with over 200 million users. It's become the defacto place to hang out online for a lot of kids.

The popular app allows young children to enter some seriously questionable environments that should have parents concerned.

She wrote that she spent six hours playing games for five-year-olds and it was terrible. Something is not right with the company.

Children of all ages can play games on the massive online platform. The list of games under this age restriction used to be manuallycurated by the company, but Velociraptor thinks that situation has changed in the last few months.

It's not clear if Roblox made changes to its policies.

She said that some of the newly listed games are suitable for All Ages.

Most of these games have a pop-up at the beginning that warns people not to violate the terms of service.

While other players watch, the Roblox users'avatars become partially undressed while doing their business inside a virtual bathroom stall.

A mere minute into playing the game, Velociraptor found that her avatar got stuck in a reclined position outside of the stall, and other Roblox players were trying to suggest a nonconsensual sexual act.

She was surprised that the games were chosen by Roblox to earn the "All Ages" tag.

Several games allow users to kill popular children's TV show Characters.

Futurism was able to confirm the existence of some of the games mentioned by Velociraptor in addition to other equally horrifying games listed under "All Ages"

"You can literally cook/ eat someone's feet in one game," he wrote. I didn't like all the crazy stuff I found.

There are a lot of questions about who is responsible for allowing children of any age to play these types of games. Should parents keep a close eye on their children's online activity?

There is a platform of user-generated content marketed to young kids. It's not possible to make it safe.

The previous reporting found questionable activity on the platform. The company's metaverse was teeming with sex games called "condos," which allowed users' nude avatars to gather in large numbers.

There is a small group of users who try to break the rules.

It's a massive game of cat and mouse, except that the victims are impressionable children, not adults.

The company promised that it uses a combination of human and machine detection to conduct a safety review of every piece of content that is published on the platform.

There are a lot of questionable activities that are unsuitable for young children.

The company admits that there are a small number of bad actors who may attempt to undermine or skirt the rules.

Carolyn decided to quit.

She said she was done. I deleted my children's accounts and recommend you do the same.

The reporting was done byMaggie Harrison.

The experts are alarmed by sex, Nazism and children's games.