The internet personality is also a boxer. We can't put down the popcorn because he's fighting to defend his game.

Stephen "Coffeezilla" Findeisen uploaded a series of videos that accused Paul's app of being a scam.

The app was supposed to earn players passive income by allowing them to hatch and breed NFT eggs. It sounds like it's legit.

The app hasn't materialized as of right now due to ongoing upgrades to the core infrastructure of the ecosystems.

It's exactly the kind of game we'd expect from a generic-sounding game that promises to miraculously earn you digital money. Do you remember AxieInfinity? It's odd to see all this drama after the market has crashed.

Paul released a response video after two weeks of radio silence, lashing out at Findeisen and accusing him of spreading gossip without proper research.

Paul has an explanation. He said that he hired a scam artist to develop the app. Paul called out several bad actors, who he said may or may not have stolen millions of dollars from investors, but were later fired.

Paul says that he gets for trusting the team that he relied on to vet and manage new hires.

Paul claims that he and his manager didn't make a dime and won't make a dime on the site. We lost money, but we tried to pick up the pieces.

Paul says he's innocent because he hired con men who did the dirty work.

It's another damning indictment of the industry, which talks a huge talk but gets sucked into scam, fraud, and general drama.

It's ironic that someone would accuse someone of failing to do their homework and then admit they hired fraud.

Findeisen said that the fact that he is being sued instead of criminals and con men says it all. No accountability was taken by him. There were zero apologies. He just wants to keep his name clean.

It's a bad look for an internet personality who is struggling to maintain his reputation. After visiting and uploading footage of a "suicide forest" in Japan, Paul made a terrible mistake that made him synonymous with clickbait.

It doesn't seem like he's going to help a lot.

Some of the NFT game developers were "con men," but he didn't scam them.

Trump's NFTs were plagiarized, it turns out.