Users will no longer be able to apply filters like cat ears and pirate hats on video calls when the camera app is shut down. On a support page, the company said that the product will be discontinued on January 25, but didn't say why. After the deadline, users won't be able to download or use the snap camera.

The company introduced a new tool for creators to use with video conferencing apps in the fall of last year. The app is available on both Windows and Mac.

People should make Snap Camera filters for Zoom that look like d&d characters so we can use them when playing online. Just saying 😌

— Paola Harris 🎨 (@Irrel) October 18, 2020

After the snap camera gets disabled, it is better to uninstall the app and use your default camera.

The web version of the app is compatible with compatible augmented reality glasses.

In response to a creator on the social networking site, the company said that it is focusing more on expanding Camera Kit access.

To focus on expanding access to Camera Kit for Web, we're adjusting our web-based investments. It said that you can keep using the Lenses on your computer with the app.

Hi there, thanks for asking! We’re adjusting our web-based investments for the AR creator & developer community to focus on expanding access to Camera Kit for Web. Stay tuned for more info this year, and you can keep using Lenses on your computer with Snapchat for Web.

— Snap AR (@SnapAR) January 5, 2023

It's not surprising that the snap camera app is shutting down. It cut 20% of its staff last year and shut down its product after just one month.

The company announced in December that it is shutting down the location-based social app Zenly. Side projects like a desktop camera app are expected to be slashed as the company focuses on generating more revenue with a larger team.