The plays that brought Trey Sanders to TCU (1:53)

From his time at the University of Alabama, check out the top plays by the player. There is a time and a place for it.

3:42 PM ET

The third ex-Crimson Tide player to pick the Frogs in recent weeks is now a running back for TCU.

He was limited to 14 carries this season but still had 448 rushing yards in his first two seasons for the Tide. He was one of the best recruits in the class.

The Florida native is one of three players to transfer from Alabama to the College Football Playoff National Championship team.

Junior Kendre Miller and senior Emari Demercado are the team's top two running backs and could be gone by the start of the next school year. Miller is a prospect for the NFL draft in three years.

Brockermeyer was the top in-state prospect in the class of 2021. A native of Texas, Earle was one of the top recruits of the year. He had 24 catches at Alabama.

"We expect to compete against Alabama, not only in recruiting but on the field," the coach of the Frogs said. You don't want to take a bunch of guys that can't play for Alabama. They should not be able to play for you as well.