Bryan Kohberger

Bryan was appointed a public defender after he was ordered to be held without bail in a Moscow, Idaho courtroom.

11 family members of the murder victims were present when the alleged murderer was in court.

Bryan's DNA was found on a knife sheath at the scene of the Idaho murders, and authorities made a match by rooting through trash at his family's house and finding his dad's DNA, which had enough of a match to Bryan's.

Less than two weeks after the murders, authorities had a man in their crosshairs. Cops were looking for a white car. There were several videos showing the white car going by the murder house on the day of the murders.

The car leaves the murder house at a high rate of speed in a series of videos.

The car traveled towards Washington State University, which is 10 miles from the murder house, after police started a video canvas around the scene.

Law enforcement released information that they were looking for a white car. A cop from Washington State University pulled up a hit on the vehicle and license plate number. In the middle of the night, cops went to his apartment and saw a car in the driveway.

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We didn't know that one of the survivors in the murder house saw a man with a mask who was not very muscular or athletic.

She said the man walked past her as she stood in a "frozen shock phase" and then walked past her and left the house.

Remembering Slain Idaho Students

She only looked out of her bedroom when she heard a woman say "there's someone here" A male voice said, "I'm going to help you."


The picture of the driver's license of the man with the bushy eyebrows was obtained by the cops.

Cops say they have cameras that show the car leaving the campus area at 2:44 AM on November 13th. On the night of the murders, the cell phone was left at his residence and traveled through Pullman, Washington. The phone went back to his residence after it stopped reporting. He may have disabled the phone to hide his travels.

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They have footage of him coming back at 5:24 AM.

The cell records show that he came back to the scene of the crime a few hours later. The police were not called to the home until after noon.


He had been near the murder house at least 12 times prior to the murders, and they were typically in the late evening or early morning hours.

There is this. He applied for an internship with the PullmanPD.

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