A drunk man is urinating on a woman.

Air India imposed a 30-day ban on the man who exposed and urinated on the elderly woman on the New York to Delhi flight.

The drunk man went to the business class cabin and urinated on an elderly woman and her belongings after the lights were turned off.

In a letter written by the woman intended for the airline, she claimed her seat, clothes, shoes, and bag were soaked in the man's urine.

A flight attendant sprayed Disinfectant on her belongings when she refused to help her.

The cabin crew refused to allow the woman to sit in First Class, even though it was fully booked.

She was offered a small seat on the flight, but was asked to return to her urine soaked seat again before she could disembark.

Even though the Air India crew was aware of the incident, the man was spared.

The airline began a probe after the woman sent a letter to the chairperson of the group.

I had to advocate for myself throughout, waiting for a response, because the crew was not proactive in managing a very sensitive and traumatic situation. The woman said in the letter that she was distressed that the airline didn't try to make her feel better.

The passenger will not be allowed to fly with Air India for 30 days or until the decision of the internal committee. If found guilty, action will be taken against the passenger.

An internal committee has been set up to address the deficiencies that delayed the response to the situation. The passenger and her family are in regular contact with us.