A photo of Elon Musk giving a thumbs up.

The foundering ship is being supported by Musk. Musk has donated to McCarthy's campaign five times and attended the California Republican's donors' retreat as McCarthy's personal guest. McCarthy ran political interference in Musk's favor.

Hours before the House of Representatives was to convene to try to elect a Speaker for a seventh time, Musk supported McCarthy.

Musk said that Kevin McCarthy should be the speaker.

The support of Musk for McCarthy, who has lost six consecutive votes to become Speaker this week, is in line with the billionaire's shift to the political right. Musk said that people should vote Republican in the elections.

Federal Election Commission records show that the CEO of the electric car company has donated to McCarthy's campaigns at least five times. McCarthy invited Musk to be his personal guest at his annual donor retreat. McCarthy introduced Musk as the "Thomas Edison of our time," according to the report.

It isn't clear if Musk's support for McCarthy will do anything. There are 20 hard-right defectors who will not vote for him. It is hard to believe that Musk would give the same seal of approval as McCarthy did. At noon, the House is expected to return.

In November, the House Republican told reporters that the White House should stop picking on Musk because they were keeping an eye on him.

It's offensive to me. The government is going to take action against someone who wants to speak their mind. They have to look at it. McCarthy said on the 29th. The American public has spoken on this. They should stop picking on Musk because our First Amendment is strong.

The contrast between McCarthy's praise and defense of Musk and that of the Biden administration is stark. Since taking office, Biden has praised Ford and GM for their innovation in electric vehicles, but he hasn't mentionedTesla