Lauren Boebert was grilled by Sean Hannity over her lack of support for Kevin McCarthy.

The House failed to decide on a speaker for the second day in a row.

Boebert was one of 20 Republicans who didn't support McCarthy.

Boebert called for Trump to tell McCarthy to pull out of the race.

A majority of Republicans support McCarthy's bid to become speaker.

If I am going to use your words, and your methodology, and your math, it is time for you to pack it in, because he has over 200 and you have 20. "What do you think?"

Boebert said that she understood the frustration, but that she wouldn't say anything else.

I'm not upset. The two went into a tense back and forth.

Boebert suggested that Trump be nominated as speaker. Being a member of the body isn't a requirement to receive a nomination for the position held by a member of the House

This is a game show. Boebert was interrupted by the interviewer.

Boebert said no.

We are going to pick Jim Jordan one day and Donalds the next. "Hanna added."