Are Ravens starting to show frustration with Lamar Jackson? (2:26)

The "Get Up" crew talks about how Lamar Jackson's recovery is affecting the Ravens. There is a time and a place for it.

6:26 PM ET

The Baltimore Ravens found out during Wednesday's afternoon practice that their game on Sunday at Cincinnati will start at 1 pm.

The stakes of the final regular season game are yet to be determined.

Cincinnati is 1 1/2 games back of Baltimore in the race for the top spot in the division. Unless Monday night's game between the Bills and Cincinnati is resumed, the Ravens won't have a chance to win the division.

The Ravens haven't been told if they're still in the running for the division title or a first-round bye. Two weeks ago, Baltimore became the first city to qualify for the playoffs.

Campbell said it was unique. They should tell us what they are going to do. It is a difficult situation. We're aware of that. We will accept whatever the ruling is. It would be great to know. It's good to know something. What amount of this will matter? Things are affected by it. It's huge if we can play for a title. It would be great if we could compete for it. It would be great to have information.

The start of Sunday's game between the Ravens and Cincinnati was dependent on Monday's game between the Bills and Cincinnati.

It would have been 1 p.m. on Sunday if Cincinnati had defeated Buffalo. If Cincinnati had lost to the Bills, the game between Baltimore and Cincinnati would have been for the division title.

The Ravens don't know what they're playing for Sunday with the suspension of Monday's game. There is a chance that the only incentive for Baltimore on Sunday is moving up one spot from the No. 6 seed. In order for that to happen, the Ravens would need to win against theBengals, and the Bolts would need to lose to the Broncos.

Baltimore is hoping that there is more to come.

John Harbaugh said they would be excited to be playing for the title. We're hoping for that. That's far away from us. The job of the team is to win the game.

Lamar Jackson didn't practice for the 13th straight day. Jackson injured his knee on December 4th and hasn't played since.

Harbaugh was asked if Jackson would be ready for the start of the playoffs. I will focus on the game and get ready to coach our guys and have them ready to play the game.

Tyler Huntley was limited in Wednesday's practice with a shoulder and wrist injury. During the media viewing portion of practice, he did not throw a lot.