Selecting seats with Vietnam's Bamboo Airways is complex and great.

Limits on Bamboo Airways’ online seat reservations

I will be flying Bamboo Airways on two segments for my upcoming trip. Air Canada and Bamboo Airways have a partnership that allows you to earn Aeroplan points for these flights.

I tried to assign seats for all segments when I booked my trip through Air Canada. Air Canada has a website that allows you to assign seats on other airlines. Bamboo Airways is one of the airlines that does not use it.

My Bamboo Airways confirmation number was listed on Air Canada. I went to the "My Bookings" section of Bamboo Airways' website and thought I would be able to assign a seat. Seat reservation is a service that is offered with this.

Bamboo Airways “My Bookings” page

Unfortunately that was not the case. There was no way to modify the seats. If you booked with Aeroplan points, you may have a similar problem because I believe this is a consistent limitation with all tickets that are issued through a partner airline.

A surprising phone call with Bamboo Airways

One of the few times I have had to assign a seat by phone is in this situation. Nowadays it is possible to assign seats through airline websites, but back in the day it was not that easy.

I went to the Bamboo Airways contact page. I used the phone number that I pulled up to make a call. When I was told the call would cost 99 cents, I almost fell out of my chair. It's not that I can't swing that, but don't you think that the price of calls from the internet service provider is too high?

The call disconnected immediately, so I was not sure what was happening. The phone numbers in Singapore and Germany were both closed.

There was contact information in the US. There was a phone number and email address for Aviaworld. I picked up the phone because I thought there was a small chance I would get somewhere.

Bamboo Airways’ “Global Contacts” page

When the call went to voicemail, the recording said to leave your name, phone number, and confirmation code, and someone would get back to you. I didn't think I'd hear back after that.

I picked up on the chance that it was about my request after I received a call from an unfamiliar number. A professional person was on the other end and pulled up my reservation. My preferred seats were assigned after a phone call.

Bottom line

If you're booking through a partner airline, Bamboo Airways' website isn't very good about seat assignments. The websites of Air Canada and Bamboo Airways didn't allow me to select these seats.

Bamboo Airways has a customer service phone number in the United States, even though I couldn't call them in Vietnam. I was pleasantly surprised to get a call right away.

This is one of the more interesting processes that I have had to call a lot to assign seats.

Bamboo Airways seats have been assigned by others.