A friend of the family says Hamlin is making progress.

According to Jordon Rooney, Hamlin's marketing representative, doctors received promising readings on the young driver by Wednesday morning. Hamlin, who suffered a cardiac arrest in the Bills' game on Monday, has appeared to have made progress, according to Rooney.

His representative says that he's a fighter.

He is in a critical condition in the intensive care unit.

Just chatted with Damar Hamlin’s family friend @jordonr.

Per Jordon and Damar’s family, doctors overnight got promising readings that they had been hoping to see by this morning. Jordon couldn’t go into specifics, but progress appears to be made.

Coley Harvey said "January 4, 2023."

What happened on the field during Monday Night Football?

Hamlin tackled a Bengal in the first quarter. After the play, the second year defensive back stood up, but fell back. An automated external defibrillator was used to defibrillate the patient.

The city of Cincinnati glows blue for Damar Hamlin.

Hamlin's heartbeat was restored on the field after he had a cardiac arrest. He was taken to a trauma hospital. Hamlin was in critical condition after spending the night in the intensive care unit.

Jordon Rooney says Damar Hamlin was resuscitated after his collapse

Rooney said that emergency personnel resuscitated Hamlin once at Paycor Stadium.

Hamlin's family is 'frustrated' by Tee Higgins critics

Hamlin's family doesn't want anyone to criticize him.

Rooney and the Bills reporter Rachel Hopmayer were outside the medical center. Hamlin's family is "frustrated" and "mad" about the accusatory social media comments made towards Higgins since their son's death.

The family of Damar Hamlin is frustrated by the criticism.

Rooney said that the online backlash was not supported by this. You aren't supporting Damar if you think you're supporting him by bashing Tee.

What is cardiac arrest?

A sudden cardiac arrest can happen when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood. Athletes experience sudden cardiac arrest at a rate of around one or two per 100,000.

A hard blow to the chest can cause it. Athletes playing sports with projectiles, including baseballs, hockey pucks and lacrosse balls, are prone to arrhythmic events called "commotio cordis," which is caused by a sudden blunt impact to the chest.

Alex Jahangir, executive medical director of the medical center for trauma, burn, and emergency surgery in Nashville, told USA TODAY on Tuesday that cardiac arrest can come from a variety of things.

Some people have a problem with their blood vessels because they don't have enough Oxygen. People get killed. Jahangir has been treating professional athletes for nearly two decades.

Supporting Damar Hamlin's charity, toy fundraiser

Fans sought to show their support for the Bills safety as Hamlin's 2020 fundraiser received millions of online donations.

Hamlin created a GoFundMe page in December of 2020 to purchase toys for children ahead of the holidays, writing, "As I embark on my journey to the NFL, I will never forget where I came from and I am committed to using my platform to positively impact the community that raised me."

Hamlin's uncle gave an update on his condition.

Hamlin's GoFundMe had received over $2,500 in donations over the course of the last two years

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin prior to the start of a preseason NFL football game in 2021.

Cincinnati shows support for Damar Hamlin

Hamlin's supporters went to the hospital to support him. They wore blue and orange uniforms. Many people left bars or their homes to hold a candle light gathering. The photos of the fans have been viewed millions of times.

Bills fans gathered at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in support of Damar Hamlin.

"I wish well for the Hamlin family, and the fans are here to support them," said Peters, who wore a Bills jersey for hours outside the hospital. We don't care about anything else but family. The Bills are a family.

Bengals to hold press conference today as they look to Sunday's game

There was no announcement about when the game would resume.

The Baltimore Ravens are playing the Cincinnati Reds. The game is not known if it will start at 1 or 4.

In Week 18 of the football season, when will Baltimore play Cincinnati?

The team will have a news conference at Paycor Stadium at 1 pm on Wednesday. The players may speak to reporters later in the day.

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