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It only took 40 seconds for an argument to break out after Shannon returned to the "Undisputed" show.

Shannon talked about Hamlin's situation in his opening monologue.

It was a completely different experience to see someone have to be resuscitated on the field than it was to see someone suffer a serious injury.

Skip Bayless

Skip said that it wasn't supposed to occur.

I hope that Skip will take it down because I disagree with it.

Bayless interrupted and said, "Time out, I'm not going to take it down because I stand by what I say on social media."

"I can't even get through a monologue without you disrupting it," he replied.

Damar Hamlin On The Bills Getty

The Hall of Famer explained why he wasn't on Tuesday's show.

I did not want to get into a situation where Hamlin was the problem. We should've been talking about him and not using his name. It was what I was going to do. You cannot interrupt my opening monologue.

Skip claims that producers didn't have an issue with what he said, even though he was under the impression he wouldn't be on the show.

Bayless said that it was not intended to undermine Hamlin's medical scare.