Madeline Ronzoni, founder of Happy Rugs
Madeline Ronzoni, the founder of Happy Rugs.
Madeline Ronzoni

Learning by example is an easy way for entrepreneurs to learn.

Happy Rugs is a company that sells custom rugs to clients. She booked six figures in her first year of business despite not having any previous business experience. She has worked with brands such as Nike and Vans. She said that many of the tips and tricks she has learned about business, growth, and branding have come from resources.

Ronzoni said that he was learning a lot as he started his business. I think it's important for me to listen toPodcasts because they give me a bit of me time while I work.

Ronzoni is not the only one who loves to listen to podcasts.

According to successful business owners who are devotees of the shows, Insider compiled a list of 15 that all entrepreneurs should listen to.

A Slight Change of Plans with Maya Shankar
"A Slight Change of Plans."
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Ronzoni's mindset is one of the most important aspects of being a business owner, and that's why he listens to the " A slight change of plans" show.

She said that there are many different changes that happen as a business owner. The advice and insights from Maya and her guests who have overcome great changes are what I take away from this show.

The science of human behavior is combined with stories to help people understand how humans respond to change.

The personal stories; interviews with celebrities, such as Tiffany Haddish and Kacey Musgraves, make the podcast both interesting and relevant.

Full Time Influencer Podcast
"Full-Time Influencer Podcast."
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Ali Magyaros is a creator of digital content. In addition to photography, videography, and paid ads, Magyaros works with hotels and Airbnbs to showcase their properties. Magyaros likes to learn more about the content-creation industry from the "Full-Time Influencer Podcast".

Tina Lee is the host of the show. Lee explains various aspects of the business in each episode and invites guests on the show.

She gives great tips and tricks. She said that the "how to" segments of the show have helped her grow her business.

Capital Allocators
"Capital Allocators."
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Ben Chon is a financial analyst who goes by the name of Rareliquid on his channel. He wanted to help other people grow their portfolios and learn about investing. While he is a resource for more than 75,000 YouTube subscribers, he recommended Capital Allocators for anyone interested in investing or finance, especially when it comes to launching, growing, and understanding a business

Ted Seides is the host of "Capital Allocators", which focuses on how successful investors and moneymakers spend their time.

The Tony Robbins Podcast
"The Tony Robbins Podcast."
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The Financial Cookbook is an online platform that helps women on finances, such as budgeting. The Financial Cookbook's 75,000 monthly page views, ad revenue, digital products available for purchase, and affiliate links bring in about $2,500 per month, which comes from The Financial Cookbook's 75,000 monthly page views, ad revenue, digital products available for purchase, and affiliates.

When she was looking for business advice, she found Tony Robbins.

In a follow-up email, she said that his motivational speaking and unconventional ways of doing business made her think creatively. I think about dunking myself in ice-cold water at 5 a.m. as it seems to work for Tony.

The Goal Digger Podcast
"The Goal Digger Podcast."
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Kaylie Hill is also a business coach. According to documents verified by Insider, Hill's account has more than 660,000 followers and helped her book $90,000 in revenue this year. She said that all other entrepreneurs should listen to the Goal DiggerPodcast. One of Hill's most listened to resources is it.

Digital and social-media marketing and entrepreneurship are some of the topics of the Goal DiggerPodcast. She said that the host, a professional photographer and digital marketing expert, covers topics such as email marketing, work-life balance, and growth of social media sites. Other business owners can be seen as guests on the podcast.

Hill said that he decided to grow his own social media following because of this.

The Futur with Chris Do
"The Futur With Chris Do."
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She is an artist and social-media creator. While booking six figures in revenue this year, she admitted that "tough love" is the key to her business growth, including her ability to separate creativity from business and be brutally honest with herself about what's working for her clients.

Chris Do is the CEO of his brand consulting company, Blind. Do's show covers creativity, brand strategy, and business pitches.

"'The Futur With Chris Do' is a great place to get advice on working in the creative industry," she said. She said that the podcast helped her approach her art business.

Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel
Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

"Where Should we Begin? with Esther Perel" is a favorite of hers.

She said that some of the great leaders are looking in the opposite direction. Making sure you are building and maintaining healthy relationships and participating in activities that make you feel whole outside of work is important to me in order for my peers and teammates to see me at my best.

Tegen said that it's helped her with reflection and seeing her own potential as a result of the topics covered on the show.

Archetypes with Meghan
Archetypes with Meghan

Archetypes explores the labels placed on women and how they can be broken through.

According to the founder of interior design companies BE., the podcasts gives her a sense of empowerment and solidarity.

She said there was a sense of peace and encouragement that came with each of the conversations.

Second Life podcast
Second Life

"Second Life" is one of the things that Suki Mulberg Altamirano likes to listen to.

Hillary Kerr is a former magazine editor and co- founder of the show. Who What Wear was her first digital brand.

She talks about successful women who have changed careers.

The stories are inspiring and transparent. They are stories that other entrepreneurs can learn from and feel a sense of community from.

Friend of a Friend with Olivia Perez
Friend of a Friend with Olivia Perez
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A friend of a friend is recommended by the founder of a PR firm.

Perez covers style and entrepreneurs. Business launches, trends, and predictions for the future of business and fashion are discussed on the weekly guests on the podcasts.

"You hear from a lot of friends of Liv, who are in different circles of their life, and what they do how they tackle their day brings humanity into life."

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