Roku TV

(Image credit: Roku)
  • Roku has announced its first smart TVs designed and built by the company.
  • Roku Select and Roku Plus TVs will range from 24 to 75 inches.
  • Roku is also providing a reference model for partners interested in building OLED Roku TVs.

Over the years, there have been lots of Roku TVs, but they have always been made by other companies. The first in-house TV models from the company will be on display at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.

Budget and premium smart TVs were represented by the new models. There are 11 different models between the two, ranging in size from 24 inches to 75 inches.

Roku TV models

(Image credit: Roku)

The cheaper models will have the Voice remote, while the more expensive ones will have the Voice remote pro. The new Roku TV Wireless Soundbar will provide a boost in audio.

After Amazon launched its own in-house TVs in 2021, the next company to enter the hardware TV game was Roku. This allows companies to take more control of the hardware and software while still relying on partners to expand and enhance the experience with their own hardware offerings. Innovations introduced with its TVs will be available through the program for other manufacturers.

A reference design for partners in the program to build TVs for the platform with better colors and contrast is being launched by the company. It's not clear when models will arrive on the market, but it's encouraging to see the company pushing for higher-quality TV sets.

"This new reference design enables our brand partners to deliver the premium TV experience that OLED brings, including dark black levels, superb contrast and superior viewing angles, along with all the features that users love," says Tom.

The new Roku Select and Roku Plus series are expected to arrive in the spring. The TVs will cost between $119 and $999.

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