blurry web video is a new target for the company's artificial intelligence technology. RTX Video Super Resolution is designed to upscale video watched through the chrome or edge browsers on a PC to the equivalent of 4K. The feature will only work with the most recent 30 and 40-series graphics cards, which is why you will need a newer one.

In a video demonstration, edges are sharpened and video artifacts are reduced. The video shown in the demo should work on any video watched in a browser according to the post. According to PC Gamer, it supports any video with a resolution of between 480p and 960p, up to a frame rate of 120 frames per second.

It works on video at a lower resolution.

It has been available on the Shield TV and Shield TV Pro streaming devices, but now it will be available in the browser. Chris said that it resulted in a noticeable increase in clarity with the feature enabled.

Anyone with an older 20 or 10-series card won't benefit from the technology being limited to people with the most recent 30 or 40-series graphics cards. I am not going to pretend to understand the hardware requirements of an artificial intelligence feature like this, but I am crossing my fingers that this new feature will eventually make it's way