The trade team at easyJet will increase to seven by the end of the month.

Kelly Walker, head of distribution at easyJet holidays, told Travel Weekly that she has been focused on recruiting the right people since she was appointed.

When she joined, the trade team consisted of Walker and two other people, but she has been busy bringing in new people, who will bring the department up to seven by the end of February.

Some of the people in our team have experience working for other tour operators.

Getting the right people into Team Orange is something that has taken up a lot of my time.

She will be deciding which recruits will work with which parts of the trade over the next few weeks to make the most of their existing relationships with agents.

She said that her role is trade only and that her team is focused on travel agents.

It is where my heart is and where my passion is.

She said the chance to work with agents was the biggest draw when she saw an opportunity to lead travel trade partnerships.

Previously, Walker worked at James Villas and Oliver's Travels.

A new portal and trade incentives have been launched by the distribution team in order to increase interest in the Big Orange Sale.

She said, "We really thought long and hard about how we wanted to create some buzz and excitement, we hope this will be a great January for everyone."

We asked travel agents what they wanted to win and receive through peaks, so we could listen to their feedback.

We would rather have a bigger chance to win a smaller prize than a smaller chance to win a bigger prize according to travel agents.

Every single day, we will be giving away prizes. We have some holidays in that place.

The more they are booked the more chances they have to win.

She said the new portal was launched before Christmas to take advantage of agents.

The feedback has been great. She said that the site would improve conversion in January.

There will be more features added by the end of February.

Team Orange On Tour is a group of activities and events that will be arranged by her team.

The face-to-face events were held in partnership with hotel partners.

She said that they wanted people to buy into easyJet holidays.

If they have done a booking, it is nice to have that one-to-one discussion.

New people are key to the travel industry.

She stated that face-to-face is the way to go forward and that hybrid events can continue.

EasyJet says there has been a surge in ski bookings.

It is the biggest ever trade campaign for peaks.

The new head of distribution joined easyJet.