According to a report, Microsoft is planning to launch a version of Bing that uses chatGPT. According to The Information, Microsoft hopes to launch a new feature before the end of March in order to make Bing more competitive with other search engines.

Bing could give more humanlike answers to questions if it used the technology behind the chatGPT. When it comes to searching for information about people, places, organizations, and things, you can find it on the Knowledge panels of both Bing and Google.

Bing might be able to compete with Google's Knowledge Graph, a knowledge base that is constantly updated from crawling the web and user feedback. If Microsoft is ambitious, it could offer a lot of new types of functions.

Artificial intelligence has been made accessible.

Users were able to create poems, compose college essays, write code, and even shave hours off their work with the help of chatGPT. Based on GPT- 3.5, a large language model released last year, the web has been impressed with its ability to generate answers and authentic looking essays. The system has major flaws that include racial biases and a tendency to present incorrect information as fact.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, warned that it was a mistake to rely on CHATGPT for important things. It is likely that Microsoft will start with a small amount of integration before it is ready for all Bing users.

Even though it could help Bing, it won't be launched immediately because of "reputational risk." It is not ready to replace search just yet due to bias and factual issues. For years, large artificial intelligence models have been used to improve the search engines.

One of the world's leading artificial intelligence companies is Openai. An exclusive license to use its text generator is one of the things the tech giant has. It isn't clear how this deal will help the rumored Bing integration of chat gppt.

Microsoft has bet its future on artificial intelligence for at least six years, with CEO Satya Nadella talking about the importance of more intelligent apps and services in an interview with The Verge in 2016 Microsoft launched its "conversation as a platform" offering, a bet on chat-based interface overtaking apps as our primary way of using the internet and finding information. Microsoft is trying to make that a reality inside Bing.