Can we really expect any new iPad models to launch this year, since rumors about all of the next-generation iPad models have been thin on the ground.

The current picture suggests that there will be no new iPad models this year, and it is possible that there will be some new models in the future. It looks like it will be a big year for the iPad lineup. To get a sense of what may or may not be in store for this year, we have consolidated all of the latest rumors about each iPad model.

11th-Generation iPad: Unlikely

The ninth-generation iPad will be added to the lineup in 2021. Apple sells the ninth- and 10th- generation iPad for $329 and $449. Since the devices are well-differentiated, it seems to be easier to do this.

Since every new entry-level iPad since the eighth-generation model from 2020 has gained a chip that is one generation newer, the A15 Bionic is the most likely upgrade. The A15 is the most likely upgrade for the next iPad because the A14 chip is widely used in other Apple devices.

The entry-level iPad could benefit from second- generation Apple Pencil support and a newer chip, but it's not clear what else would justify a new version of the device this year. An 11th-generation iPad is unlikely to have much new to offer over the 10th- generation model at the moment. The new entry-level iPad has not been rumored yet.

It's possible that Apple will remove the ninth-generation iPad from the lineup this year and replace it with the 10th- generation model.

Seventh-Generation iPad Mini: Possible

The iPad mini was the first major redesign of the device in its entire history. According to recent reports, the next iPad mini will have a chip upgrade, like the 11th- generation iPad.

There is an iPad mini with the A15 bionic. While it is slightly downclocked, the A15 Bionic puts the iPad mini on par with the other Apple products. The A15 chip is likely to be in Apple's product lineups for a long time.

Modern chip hardware will be present in the current iPad mini throughout the entire year. With features like second- generation Apple Pencil support and Center Stage, there is no need to update the device this year and it is not clear what a new model could offer.

The iPad mini was updated every year from 2012 to 2016 but only once in March of 2019. As a device that now seems to stick around for longer in between updates, a hardware refresh in 2023 is not certain, but the seventh- generation iPad mini is the only iPad model currently rumored to launch this year.

While a launch this year is possible, it seems most likely that the seventh-generation iPad will be launched in the first half of the first century.

Sixth-Generation iPad Air: Unlikely

There are no rumors about the iPad Air's successor. The current model was introduced in March last year, adding the M1 chip, Center Stage on the front-facing camera, a fasterUSB-C port, and several new color options, but it was a minor upgrade over the previous model.

It has been some time since the iPad Air was refreshed. Due to its positioning between the entry-level iPad and the iPad Pro, it's not clear what a new iPad Air model could gain.

There are a number of features that could be included in the sixth-generation iPad Air, but little is known about the device at this time. It's possible that Apple will wait two years to update the device in order to get the M2 chip in it.

Seventh-Generation iPad Pro: Very Unlikely

There are a lot of rumors about the next-gen iPad Pro models. The current 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models were released in October of 2022.

With the current- and previous-generation iPad Pro models featuring M-series chips, the M3 chip is the most likely chip to be included in the next- generation iPad Pro The M3 chip is expected to be the biggest performance and efficiency boost to Apple's chips in a while. The first Apple devices with M3 chips are not likely to be released until the second half of the 20th century.

The next-gen iPad Pro is rumored to have an upgrade that has been rumored for over a year. Dozens of reports from multiple sources are consistent with the fact that the new iPad Pro models will not be released this year. The displays Apple is planning to use will be more durable and enable thinner and more lightweight device designs, with the display size options increasing from 11 to 13 inches.

The iPad Pro has had the same design for four successive generations, and it looks like the device could get a redesign in its next iteration. It's not clear what the new design will look like, but a thinner and lighter device with a glass back or larger glass Apple logo seems like a good idea. The relocation of the iPad mini's volume buttons and the latest entry-level iPad's landscape front-facing camera seem to support the switch to a landscape design.

A design like this for the iPad Pro is not out of the question since it is rumored that the iPhone 15 lineup will have a flat front and rounded back.

According to rumors, the next major iPad Pro update won't be launched in 2023, meaning that any new iPad Pro models this year are very unlikely. The next-gen iPad Pro would be released in May 2024 if Apple followed the same schedule as it did in the past.

14-Inch iPad: Cancelled

According to the latest reports, a 14.1-inch iPad is not in the works, even though it was previously rumored.

It was initially thought to have a mini-LED display and ProMotion technology, but it was later thought to have an iPad Air-like display. It's possible that it was not an iPad Pro model, but an all-new kind of iPad that focused on a large display without advanced features.

According to The Information, Apple is working on a bigger iPad, as well as the fact that the company is interested in bigger tablets.

The only larger iPad rumored to launch in the first half of the year, as well as the most developed larger iPad model, has been canceled.