L'Oréal is a leader when it comes to technology. L'oreal has been pushing beauty tech for the past few years, announcing nifty gizmos like UV and pH sensors. It's the same every year. The company is introducing two makeup gadgets, one of which uses augmented reality to create and draw your brow.

There is a temporary tattoo printer called Prinker. It works the same way as brow magic. There are 2,400 nozzles that can print up to 1200 dots per inch. It makes sense since popular brow procedures like microblading and microshading are semipermanent tattoos. Reducing the number of products is the goal. You use a brow pencil, brow gel, and sometimes brow powder.

Woman looks at herself in AR using Brow Magic app

You can use augmented reality in the brow magic app. The image is of L'Oreal.

woman using Brow Magic device

You can use the device over your brow if you want to. The image is of L'Oreal.

A user can use the device by opening the app and looking at their face. You can use augmented reality to view shapes and thicknesses. Microblading and microshading are some of the effects recommended by brow Magic. After selecting a lewk, users brush a primer through their brows and then use a printer to write on their eyebrows. Unlike semipermanent tattoos, Brow Magic looks can be instantly changed with makeup removal.

This mix of high tech printing and augmented reality is something L'Oréal has done before. Perso is a device that can print a custom mix of makeup and skin care. You could try on looks before you did. The YSL Rouge sur Mesure is a lipstick printer that lets you try on shades via augmented reality before you mix them yourself.

HAPTA is a smart lipstick for people with limited mobility. Verily Life Sciences is a company that makes electronic utensils with stabilization tech to help people with tremors eat more easily. It can be difficult to apply makeup if you have full mobility. I had to practice for a long time before I could freehand my eyeliner. I fail many times.

Woman using HAPTA lipstick applicator
HAPTA is a prototype lipstick applicator that’s designed to help people with limited mobility.
Image: L’Oreal

The prototype uses smart gestures and a magnetic attachment to enable 180 degrees of bending. Once users figure out the right settings, they can put the device in place. For about an hour, HAPTA can operate via battery.

HAPTA puts accessibility at the forefront. When it comes to everyday actions that nondisabled people take for granted, accessible technology still falls short. Makeup is an art form and type of self expression that everyone should be able to partake in if they want to. The company is open to other forms of makeup down the line.

There is no word on pricing for the Brow Magic. L'oreal plans to pilot HAPTA under its Lancme brand.