The second term of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is likely to include major hot-button issues like abortion, gun rights and Covid-19 vaccines as the Republican official tries to curry favor with the GOP base.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis inauguration

Ron DeSantis was sworn in for his second term as Florida's governor.

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Florida was described as the "promised land of sanity" by the new governor in his inaugural address.

The governor is expected to continue the state's culture wars with the left, as he did in his first term with the state's Parental Rights in Education law, known as the "Don't Say Gay" law

In December, he said he would push legislation that would allow people to carry firearms without a concealed carry license, and that the legislature would take it up in March.

Florida may impose greater abortion restrictions that ban the procedure as soon as six weeks into a pregnant woman's unborn child, with the state already banning abortion at 15 weeks.

In December, the governor promised to sign legislation that would prohibit automatic deductions of union dues from teachers' salaries, after the teachers unions in the state opposed him.

The Florida Supreme Court agreed to the governor's request to impanel a grand jury to investigate the Covid-19 vaccine issue.

A third of the way done. According to a Morning Consult poll, the share of potential GOP primary voters who would vote for DeSantis as of December 20 would be less than the percentage who would vote for Trump. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll released December 13 found that 54 percent of Republican voters preferred Trump over DeSantis.

What To Watch For

Major issues like abortion and gun rights legislation are expected to be taken up by the legislature when it convenes in March. There are rumors that there will be special legislative sessions to address guns and abortion before the general session starts.

What We Don’t Know

There is a chance that DeSantis could run for president. According to some political analysts, the governor will wait until after the state's general legislative session ends in May to start his campaign. A Florida law requires the governor to resign if he runs for a federal office. State lawmakers in Florida have signaled a willingness to repeal that law in order for him to remain in office so as to ensure he can remain in office in the meantime.


After Disney publicly opposed the "Don't Say Gay" law, the Florida government retaliated by moving to get rid of the special district that governs Disney World. The Reedy Creek Improvement District is going to be dissolved in June, though the Financial Times reported in December that lawmakers were trying to negotiate with Disney to keep the district intact. The governor does not make U-turns and still intends to punish the media giant according to his office.

Key Background

In his first term as governor, Ron DeSantis gained national attention through a series of controversial policies, including attacks on Covid-19 restrictions and the "Don't Say Gay" law. Andrew Warren was suspended from his job in August after he signed an open letter in support of abortion rights. While he was seen as the GOP's primary alternative to Trump in the presidential election of 2024, his chances of success rose considerably as a result of the 2022, in which he sailed to reelection by a 20-point margin, while Trump was blamed for the party's failures. As his star in the GOP has begun to fade, the ex-president has begun lashing out at the man he once endorsed, calling him "DeSanctimonious" and "disloyal."

The governor of Florida was sworn in for a second term.

It's a great platform to run on.

Permitless carry gun law is expected to be passed in Florida.

The governor is ready to sign the heartbeat bill.