Daniel Jones scores 4th TD of the game (0:22)

Daniel Jones ran for a touchdown and passed for another against the Colts. There is a 0:22

9:00 AM ET

The debate about whether Daniel Jones is good enough to play for the New York Giants has ended.

He was drafted with the No. 6 overall pick out of Duke. Jones did what he was told would happen. He led the Giants to the playoffs in his first year as the team's head coach. He played well from the beginning to the end.

The Giants had not made the playoffs in five years, but Jones scored four times in a 38-10 demolition of the Colts on Sunday. They had been waiting for it.

John Mara said that they knew it all along.

Since Jones was drafted, the Giants have had three different head coaches and four different offensive coordinators. Everything seems to have coalesced this year. The second half of the season has been the best for Jones.

The Giants declined Jones' fifth-year option earlier this year, but this stretch likely ensured Jones' future with the franchise. He has a 65.2 QBR the past three weeks, which is sixth best among all quarterbacks.

Standing-O for Daniel Jones as the Giants are on their way to the postseason 📈

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Fans thanked their quarterback with a curtain call.

He was thought to have earned it according to the coach.

Saquon Barkley was one of the first players to greet him on the sideline. He has been saying for a long time that Jones is the guy.

"I feel like I've been saying it all year" He's a great player and a great quarterback. I think it showed the entire season. I'm happy for him.

Hearing his name being chanted is a beautiful thing and you can finally see that he earns respect. Everyone wanted to be a big critic of him, but he gave us the chance to play football and he locked it in. He came up when we needed him the most.

It has been that way for a long time now.

The Giants were always fans of Jones. He had physical skills and makeup. They wanted to commit to anything in the future if he proved it on the field. If he played well this year, the team would have been open to an extension or the franchise tag. It seems like the latter is on the table now.

Early in his career, Jones had a lot of turnovers and the keys were to remain healthy and eliminate them. He had never missed a game due to injury. He has played every game this year.

The narrative that the turnovers were uncontrollable was disproved by him. Jones has not turned the ball over as much as other quarterbacks. Jones has thrown five turnovers.

Carter's journey is unique to the Bolts.

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Just minutes before the Giants secured their first playoff spot in two years, Mara said it was wonderful. He took a lot of criticism, but you drafted him as high as you could. It's gratifying to see him come into his own.

It seems that Mara and Steve found the right combination. Jones has been helped by the fact that he has an offensive guru like Jim Daboll as his head coach.

Even though the receiving corps and offensive line are compromised, they are putting him in positions to succeed. Jones has had help maximizing his athletic ability.

Jones has seven touchdown runs. The quarterbacks with the most rushing yards this season are Chicago's Fields, Philadelphia's Hurts, Baltimore's Jackson, and Buffalo's Allen. It's an elite company to stay in.

It means a lot. He has meant a lot. He has taught me a lot. There is a lot of sports. I have become a better player. He gave me the chance to play and I appreciated it. He helps all of us a lot. It's definitely grateful for him.

A box was checked on Sunday. Jones showed that he can lead a team to the playoffs. He has shown he can play well down the stretch.

It is just a matter of seeing how far this season will go and figuring out a solution in the off-season. The way the organization feels about Jones was on full display.

The two of them embraced on the sideline. That was a great moment. I know it's been a tough couple years here, but it's cool to see he's finally getting the respect he deserves. I told one of you that he was the toughest quarterback in the league. He will do everything he can to help the team win. He comes to work with that mentality and I am happy for him.