The major Gulf carriers have diverse cabin crews. Many airlines have recruitment events around the world. An upcoming recruitment event caught my eye.

Etihad holding flight attendant recruitment event in Doha

A recruitment event is being held in the state ofQatar. On January 5, 2022, the airline will have an open day in Doha. If they areShortlisted, they will be invited for an interview the following day.

Etihad is recruiting in Doha

These recruitment events are usually held in countries with a lot of people who are looking for jobs. It is common for the Gulf carriers to recruit in Eastern Europe and India.

There are no Qataris who are looking to be cabin crew for the new airline. It seems obvious that this is intended to lure cabin crew who are looking to move to another airline.

Etihad is recruiting cabin crew in Doha

Why would someone move from Qatar Airways to Etihad?

One of the world's best airlines, Qatar Airways, is known for being one of the reasons why someone might consider moving to another airline. For better or worse, Qatar Airways is known for being the strictest airline in the Gulf.

Rules about posting pictures on social media in uniform and curfews at accommodations are included. Many people are attracted to the idea of living in the U.A.

Historically, people apply to work at the two airlines before applying to work at another airline.

I was surprised that the airline and country weren't blocking the event because they are known for being strict. I wonder if they will send someone to look for people at the event.

Qatar Airways is known for being strict

Bottom line

There are recruitment events hosted by Gulf carriers around the world. The airline is interviewing cabin crew in a bid to get them to join them.

I'm curious how this will go, since it's not often you see a carrier from the U.S. have a recruitment event in another country.

What do you think about the event?