Bill Nelson, the administrator of NASA, is worried that China may claim some of the surface of the Moon as its own.

Nelson said in an interview that we're in a space race. They don't get to a place on the moon under the guise of scientific research.

He pointed to the fact that China has claimed territory here on Earth. He said that NASA could beat China in sending astronauts back to the Moon because there are enough places there.

NASA's commitment to returning the first astronauts to the lunar surface in over half a century is highlighted by his remarks, a complex and ambitious series of missions that could conclude in the first landing as early as 25 years from now.

There is little evidence that China is planning a land grab for the moon.

It's not only expensive to maintain a permanent presence on the moon. It's not clear if resources on the moon could ever be worth anything other than political rights.

Nelson's concerns are not completely unwarranted. China is spending a lot of money to land astronauts on the Moon and Mars.

The country established a brand-new space station as well as several successful robotic landings on the Moon and Mars.

Even if those landers and space station are very similar to NASA's activities in space, US officials are spooked.

The Space Force general said last month that they could catch up and surpass them. The progress they've made has been amazing.

Terry Virts, a retired Air Force colonel and former International Space Station commander, said that China could do something to the moon. They could possibly deny communications if they set up infrastructure there.

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The Chinese Embassy in Washington told the outlet that their comments were "irresponsible to exaggerate the normal and legitimate space endeavors of China."

The spokesman said that outer space isn't a wrestling ground. Exploration and peaceful uses of outer space should benefit everyone.

The NASA boss sounded alarmed on the Chinese moon ambitions.

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