It's Wednesday.


At this point, after six weeks of Wednesday being one of its biggest series, it does seem like we are waiting a long time for the renewal of the show.

Now, it may be coming into focus what exactly is going on here, and it has to do with the rights to the series, which as it turns out, are notNetflix's to fully do with.

The situation is here.

  • While Netflix is the distributor for Wednesday, the show was not made in house. Rather, it’s an MGM production.
  • Back in March of 2022, Amazon and MGM closed a $8.5 million merger.

When this deal was made, Amazon said they had no plans to make MGM content exclusive to Prime Video.

There are two things happening right now. The most drastic move would be that Amazon plays hardball, and possibly pulls Wednesday season 2 from Netflix, and puts it on their service instead, because it is one of its competitors biggest shows.


It's Wednesday.


Or, they have to pay Amazon a lot of money in order to keep future Wednesday seasons on the service, since it has been a big hit with viewers and a pop culture phenomenon.

The original MGM deal doesn't allow for Amazon to pull the show or demand more money, but that is not likely. One of the first two things is that season 2 hasn't been announced yet.

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It takes a lot of work to get Wednesday for themselves. It is true that they have generally soured on shows that they do not fully own, which leads to a number of cancellation in the past, but Wednesday is a unique animal and one of the biggest boost in years for the service at a time when it really needs it. Amazon could pay for the distribution rights and use them to make their own content.

Nobody knows what is happening behind the scenes. The MGM issue seems to make it seem like some versions of the above scenario. We hope to hear something soon.

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