The Flex hybrid is a prototype device that can be slid and foldable. The left side of the concept can be unfolded to reveal the display, while the right side can be slid out to reveal more screen real-estate. There is a new 17-inch slidable display as well as automotive panels designed for self-driving cars on display.

The Flex hybrid can be expanded to a 12.4-inch screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio if you want. It is not hard to imagine a foldable phone with a display that can be unfolded for a small experience and then un-slid when you want to watch a movie or play a game.

Samsung Display Flex Hybrid.
The Flex Hybrid, almost fully extended.
Image: Samsung Display

The prototype builds upon the concept devices that have been shown off by the company for a long time. At the Display Week expo in May last year, we saw a number of foldable and slidable concepts, but none like this one. It might be a while until we see any of these more advanced displays in a consumer ready product, which means it might be a while until we see the Flex hybrid concept.

Samsung Display’s Slidable Flex Duet.
Samsung Display’s Slidable Flex Duet expands from both sides.
Image: Samsung Display

There are two larger 17-inch prototypes that are meant for laptops. The concept will be shown off for the first time in public at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. The Flex Slidable Duet can expand in two ways, going from 13 to 17 inches.

There is a new series of displays that are shown off for self-driving cars. There is no word on when these displays will appear in a consumer ready product, but the company wants the self-driving car startup to know that it has the equipment ready for when their vehicles hit the road.