A Russian air force Su-27 in 2016.

There is a Russian air force

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The Russian air force base was hit by more explosives-laden drones from the Ukrainian military.

It was the fourth raid in a month, and it rattled the Russians. The chatter on social media said that a Russian missile battery shot down a Russian fighter jet.

There is a chance that the shoot-down could be similar to the one that took place over Kyiv in the early days of the war. The Ukrainian air force may have been shot down.

We don't know much about the raid on the base. There were two attacks on the same base on December 26 and December 5.

Russian media said Ukrainian drones were involved in the raids. It is possible that the drones were 1970s-vintage jet-propelled Tupolev Tu-141 reconnaissance vehicles that the Ukrainians pulled out of storage.

The Tupolev Tu-95 bomber was damaged. The Tupolev Tu-22M bomber was damaged in a strike on Dyagilevo air base. There were three Russian personnel who died.

The attack on the Ukrainians was a failure. Russian air defenders shot down drones. There are reports that three Russian troops died from the falling debris.

The raid didn't cause any damage to Engels. The governor of the Saratov Oblast, Roman Busargin, denied reports that students were leaving their schools.

Telegram users spread rumors that Russian air-defenders opened fire on a blip on their radars, which turned out to be a Russian Su-27. Rumors say that the pilot died.

It is possible that this isn't true. Busargin didn't mention the shoot down. There isn't any evidence of the incident. It's still yet.

There is a precendent for a friendly fire shoot-down. One of the air force's best jets was shot down by Russian air-defenses around the city of Alchevsk.

A separate video of the wreck confirmed the plane's identity.

A Ukrainian air force Su-27 exploded in the dark five months ago. The pilot died as a result.

It is more likely that a Ukrainian missile battery mistook the Russian S-400 missile battery for the Sukhoi and shot it down.

Russian planes were in the sky over north-centralUkraine on the first day of the war. The Russian and Ukrainian aircraft were threatened by friendly fire at this time.

The air space over Saratov Oblast may have been affected by the same fear and confusion that caused the sky over Kyiv to be so dangerous.

Russian missile batteries are shooting down a lot of the drones the Ukrainians are throwing at. They are not shooting down all the drones.

The U.K. Defense Ministry stated that Russia has a high priority in maintaining air-defenses.