Jessica Hawks
Jessica Hawks, a business coach and mentor, recording a podcast.
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Entrepreneurs have been on the rise since the start of the Pandemic as people look for ways to make money. With the risk of a recession and uncertainty about the job market, more people are becoming entrepreneurs.

It's a good time to start a business because of the low startup costs and the ability to market yourself online. It's especially promising for solopreneurs, business owners who run a company without employees, to take advantage of skills they already have.

Personal and professional services were among the most successful companies in the past two years, according to an economist.

There was a focus on entrepreneurship in the personal-service sectors during the Pandemic. New business creation has been focused on professional services as the economy shifted towards remote work.

According to Upwork, there was a 3% rise in the number of people working as a freelancer in the year 2022.

Lauren Russell said that the gig economy is growing in size and specialty.

Russell said that with the gig economy growing, people can have a more tailored service.

The best businesses to start in the future were discussed by Insider.

Alyssa Nguyen
Alyssa Nguyen is a graphic designer.
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Entrepreneurs are looking for help with their digital presence because of the increase in businesses created in the past few years.

She taught herself how to design graphics and websites, which led to the launch of her firm. Her business, which works with companies owned by women and people of color, booked nearly $170,000 in revenue in 2011.

It's important to start creating content to have a digital portfolio if you want to enter the design market.

She said to make things that you enjoy making even if you don't have a client.

A 22-year-old woman turned her graphic-design side hustle into a business that made $170,000 last year.

Reitano at work
Vix Reitano is a marketing expert and business mindset coach.
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Since the Great Resignation began, digital marketing has grown into a career field. As more small businesses try to break into established industries, marketing is an important item on their to-do lists.

She spent five years in TV, journalism, and advertising.

She used the skills she gained in her previous jobs to build the company. Public-relations outreach, campaign planning, and digital production were added to her offerings.

She transitioned from marketing to coaching for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

A woman turned her marketing side hustle into a six figure business in six weeks.

Jessica Hawks
Jessica Hawks is a virtual assistant coach.
Courtesy of Jessica Hawks

The business-coaching industry is estimated to be worth more than $11 billion and is expected to grow. Business owners have more opportunities to find clients because of the popularity of business coaches on social media.

After sharing the benefits of a virtual-assistant career, Jessica Hawks transformed her services into a coaching company when thousands of viewers began asking how they could earn $10,000 a month.

She now works with aspiring virtual assistants and other professionals who want to start their own businesses.

She said that in order to help people, you have to have done exactly what you're supposed to.

She hired a team to help her grow her business.

A virtual assistant scaled her business to over $1 million in sales by following this daily routine.

Lisa Andrea is the founder of The Financial Cookbook.
Lisa Andrea

Insider was told by experts that it's best to use existing skills. The Financial Cookbook, a financial-services guide for women, was launched in early 2021.

Fears of a recession and a collapsing stock market could cause people to look for ways to save or invest their money.

She said to start a blog and drive traffic to your website. That will help you expand into other areas.

She said that each of the platforms she has scaled her content to have brought her additionalopportunities. Insider verified that she has booked $7,000 in monthly revenue.

The ultimate guide to building a successful side hustle is how to turn a dream into a money making reality.

Grace John, Pinterest Manager and business owner
Grace John is a Pinterest manager and business owner.
Emma Fox

Grace John said that virtual assisting is a good way to find out what remote business tasks you enjoy.

John started off as a virtual assistant and then someone threw something at him. She was asked to help create courses and workbooks, find customers for her clients, and analyze and increase her social media presence.

After working in business administration, she decided to specialize in management of social media sites such asPinterest andInstagram. She expects to make six figures in revenue.

A 25-year-old woman who makes $6,000 a month in revenue outlines how she started her business.

Amy Lee, influencer and life coach.
Amy Lee is an influencer and life coach.
P. Mastro

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, therapy and mental health services have increased in popularity. Demand for anxiety and depression treatment remained high for the third year in a row, and demand for trauma treatment and stressor-related disorders grew.

Some clients prefer a more casual approach to mental health. These professionals don't have a specific license or degree and work with customers on issues like weighing job options, personal planning, or navigating difficult relationships

One-on-one coaching and group master classes for those struggling to heal from trauma and abuse are offered by Amy Lee. After fostering a community online, she discovered her love for coaching.

A virtual life coach made $60,000 in less than one year.

Brittaney Elise, a founder and interior designer
Brittaney Elise is the founder of BE. by BRITTANEY ELISE and HOME by BE.
courtesy of Elise

The number of businesses that only sell online is decreasing. According to some experts, in-person retail and e- commerce will combine in the year 2023.

In the new year, it is predicted that e- commerce will grow in importance. She founded BE., an online marketplace for home furnishings, lighting, textiles, and decor.

If you sell products or services that people will want, an online marketplace is a great business to start.

Levi Newman, Amazon description writer
Levi Newman is a freelance Amazon description writer.
Levi Newman

Many solopreneurs are freelancing. According to Upwork, the number of independent contractors across the country hit a record high in the year 2000. Some work as social media managers and others as virtual assistants. There are many people providing writing services.

Levi Newman has made more than one million dollars since he began writing Amazon product descriptions.

He said that Newman began to find his niche in the product description space.

To test out the type of work you like to do, he suggests starting small as a freelancer.

Newman told Insider to stick to what they know, hone their skills and try to fine tune what they do. You need to be able to do at least one thing consistently.

A person earned more than $1 million writing for Amazon. The way he built his business is shown here.

More and more people are turning to working as a freelancer. This is why.

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