Russian President Vladimir Putin's New Year's address to the nation usually is anodyne and backed with a soothing view of a snowy Kremlin With soldiers in the background, he lashed out at the west.

There was a long shadow cast by the conflict in Ukraine. Festivals and fireworks were scaled back by cities. The Russian equivalent of Santa Claus will be performing for soldiers. A video of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, now the Ukrainian president despised by the Kremlin, was unearthed by an exiled Russian news outlet.

In a nine-minute video shown on TV as each Russian time zone region counted down the final minutes of 2022, Putin denounced the West and accused them of trying to undermine Russia.

He said that the most important steps towards gaining full sovereignty of Russia and powerful consolidation of our society were taken in the year.

The West lied about peace but now admits it was preparing for aggression. They use the people of Ukraine to weaken and split Russia. Anyone will not be allowed to do this.

The Kremlin muzzled any criticism of its actions in Ukraine, shut independent media outlets and criminalized the spread of any information that differed from the official view. Russian hardliners have criticized the president as weak and indecisive and called for more strikes on Ukraine.

Russia said that the conflict was justified because of the persecution of Russian speakers in the east of the country. The accusations are not true.

The Western elites assured all of us of their peaceful intentions for a long time.

Western countries have imposed wide sanctions against Russia and many foreign companies have stopped doing business there.

There was a sanctions war this year. Our industry, finances, and transport were expected to be destroyed by those who began it. This didn't happen because we created a reliable margin of safety.

The usual fireworks and concert on Red Square were not held this year.

The conflict was mentioned in some of Moscow's holiday lighting displays. The Russian military have used large lighted letters of V, Z and O to identify themselves from the beginning.

Will it make me want to fight against my brothers? The park visitor said that it would not happen.

The children of soldiers in Ukraine will be the focus of Moscow's plans.

The Russian news outlet Meduza declared a foreign agent in Russia on Saturday after posting a video of Zelenskyy, who was a hugely popular comedian before becoming the president of Ukraine.

The inexpensive sparkling wine Sovietskoe Shampanskoye is in the record books because the country doesn't drink it.

The host of the show was a comedian who fled the country in order to criticize the military operation inUkraine.

That's right.

The report came from London.