There are rumors that a new graphics card called the 4070 Ti will be released by the company. The company briefly posted the specifications for its upcoming Turing 4070 Ti graphics card on its website, but a user managed to get a picture of it before it was taken down.

The leaked specifications seem to be the same as those of the 12GB RTX 4080, with the chip having 7,680 CUDAcores, a 2.61 GHz boost clock, and 12GB of memory. The chart shows that the RTX 4070 Ti could beat the RTX 3080 by 3.5 times when playing Cyberpunk 2077.

In October, Nvidia faced criticism over its decision to launch the 12 gigahertz RTX 4080 graphics card under the name of the more powerful 16 gigahertz RTX 4080, because of how much it differed from its much more powerful 16 gigahertz version. The RTX 4080 has 9,728 CUDA Cores, a 2.51 GHz boost clock, 780 Tensor-TFLOPs, and 113RT-TFLOPs. The backlash resulted in the cancellation of the launch of the chip.

There are rumors that the price of the 4070 Ti will be cheaper than the 4080 The US recently pushed back the reimplementation of a Trump-era tariffs on Chinese-made graphics cards and other computer parts, which was expected to go into effect at the start of next year. The 25 percent tariffs isn't going to go into effect for another nine months.

We won't have to wait too long to confirm the pricing and specifications of the Turing 4070 Ti when it's released in January.