The Runway Girl Network was told by Canada Jetlines that passengers can expect a consistent onboard hard and soft product experience if they fly domestically or internationally with the all-economy carrier.

Since September 22, the company has flown 174-seat A320 aircraft on scheduled services from Toronto Pearson to CALGARY, as well as on a plethora of international charter flights including to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico and other markets. Earlier this month it added domestic flights to the city.

On December 19th, Canada Jetlines received US FAA approval to operate scheduled flights to and from the United States, clearing the way for it to serve both Las Vegas and Melbourne with multiple weekly flights from Toronto Pearson.

A wireless entertainment system from Moment that streams content to passengers' own devices is included in Canada Jetlines' newly refurbished A320s.

The seats are thought to be at 30-31 degrees. Extra legroom economy seats are located in the front row of the aircraft as part of Canada Jetlines inclusive fare package which includes two free checked bags and a buy-on-board credit.

Canada Jetlines has embraced design consistency regardless of flight length according to statements shared with RGN by the company's executives.

Today we do not differentiate our onboard product between domestic and international — we have power outlets available at every seat [and] onboard streaming with a world class system offering fantastic content, movies, TV shows, podcasts and music.

The device holders can be bought for $9.95 in Canada. On the phone today, a Canada Jetlines customer service agent confirmed that the holders are not part of the seat. Canada Jetlines sells the device holders on both its website and onboard. It's not clear how front-row people are accommodated.

Is this the first instance of a ULCC unbundling the device holder from the hard product? In-seat power has been tried before.

Relax and enjoy hands-free entertainment on the plane according to Canada Jetlines. You can watch your favourite movies on your phone.

Canada Jetlines logo in black atop orange material at the top of the seat, delineating that the seats offer extra legroom

The extra legroom seats of Canada Jetlines have a logo on them. The image is of Canada Jetlines.

The carrier has paid particular attention to the streaming entertainment experience and has a portal that can be accessed by scanning a code on the back of the seat. The Moment wireless IFE system is being used by other airlines. The content that is available to our passengers is very reliable and we are very happy with that. Positive feedback continues to come in from those that have flown with us. It was important for us to have a streaming system that was easy to use for our customers. There's something for everyone in our content.

Five years ago, Moment decided to significantly invest in R&D to develop its low-cost, flexible 'Flymingo Box'- branded wireless IFE solution. Moment co-founder and CEO Tanguy Morel told RGN that it was the first hardware the company had developed. We have a patent, we designed it, and we produced it in France. Everything is made from scratch. Morel said that more than 200 aircraft in the world fleet are fitted with Flymingo. Xejet is one of the customers.


When the onboard wi-fi systems become more reliable and a lower cost we will look at this again

The same experience will be offered on Canada Jetlines flights to the US, including buy-on-board options. There is a variety of snacks on the buy-on-board menu.

Canada Jetlines will have a brand partnership with Minhas Distillery. We work with Minhas and offer their products in both domestic and international markets. We will always find new products to offer. Good quality products are important to our customer and we want to make that available to them on all of our flights. We will focus on strategic partnerships with unique partners in order to provide quality products to our customers.

Canada Jetlines is in talks with airports in the USA that are very interested in having us operate into their markets. There are a lot of opportunities that we are evaluating. More announcements and partnerships are on the way. There will be new route announcements as we introduce new aircraft to our fleet.

Canada Jetlines continues to hiretalented and motivated employees that share our focus on customer experience and understand that corporate culture is key to our success. Our cabin crew, who spend the most time with our customers, are key to our service culture and we are very focused on finding individuals who are passionate about the customer and customer service excellence

We will be different from all other airlines. We have added hotel, car rental, parking and travel insurance partners on our website.

Mary Kirby reports additional information.

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