Meta is facing antitrust scrutiny over its acquisition of Within. Meta is buying a Dutch smart eyewear company called Luxexcel. The terms of the deal have not been made public.

3D printing is being used to make prescription eyeglasses. The company has focused its efforts on smart lens which can be printed with integrated technology.

The Meta team is excited that the Luxexcel team is joining them. It is believed that Meta and Luxexcel worked together on a project.

The Ray-Ban Stories, a pair of smart glasses that can take photos and videos, and make handsfree, voice-controlled calls, was unveiled by Meta in September. Meta will likely use the company's technology to make prescription augmented reality glasses, a product that has been anticipated to come out of Meta's billions of dollars of investment into its Reality Labs. According to a report this summer, Meta was scaling back its plans for consumer- grade augmented reality glasses. The rumors were not commented on by Meta.

Meta has a strategy of acquiring smaller companies that are building top technology in the field. The Quest is Meta's flagship headset. The FTC tried to block Meta's purchase of Within, so it's possible that the same thing will happen with the purchase of Luxexcel.

FTC puts Zuckerberg on the stand over Meta’s plan to acquire Within